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The Kilkenny Whiskey Guild


Kilkenny Whiskey Guild 

So what is it?

The Kilkenny Whiskey Guild is a collection of 10 establishments throughout Ireland’s Medieval capital. Each premises will stock a minimum of 60 Irish Whiskeys and will assist in the customer’s experience through knowledgeable staff, tasting flights, food pairings and mixology.

Regular whiskey events will be held in each of the Guild Houses designed to heighten the public’s knowledge of Irish Whiskey history production and various styles. The guild aims to make Kilkenny the leading Whiskey tourism destination in Ireland.

What is the history?

The first written account of distilling in Ireland comes from Kilkenny in the 14th century with the Red Book of Ossory and the Kilkenny Whiskey Guild are celebrating and highlighting this history.

The Red Book of Ossory is a fourteenth-century register of the diocese which is associated with Richard Ledred who was Bishop of Ossory, 1317-60. The volume contains copies of documents which would have been important for the administration of the diocese – constitutions and taxations, memoranda relating to rights and privileges, deeds and royal letters. The register is, however, best known for the texts of songs composed by Bishop Ledred for the vicars choral of St Canice’s Cathedral ‘so that their mouths be not defiled with theatrical, foul and secular songs’. It also contains a treatise on acqua vitae (whiskey to you and me).

Richard Ledred is must be noted is the notorious Bishop who went on to tackle what he considered the important issue of witchcraft. He chased Dame Alice Kyteler out of the country and burned poor Petronella de Meat, her maidservant, for witchcraft.

Where can I taste this golden nectar? 

Whiskey Trail Members:

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most importantly get into a guild house and try some of this amazing national product!
Always enjoy whiskey responsibly.
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